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Dr. Mark I. Krom

Minister/Clinical Pastoral Psychologist

Dr. Mark Krom accepted Jesus as his Lord in 1969 and has been ministering to people ever since. He started auditing college courses while he was still in high school and was able to CLEP and/or DANTES most of his core requirements for much of his Degree work. He served in the military from 1974 - 1994; being stationed many places around the world. His official duties were the installing, maintaining and managing the processes of personnel who maintain communications equipment. During each assignment he would get involved with and minister to the needs of the people he was assigned with. An example of this was in his providing sermons and recorded Christian music for people who elected not to attend church. He also used the Bible as an English text book to teach English in an overseas area. Many have come to know Jesus through his ministry.

After his military service in the communications field, God opened the door for him to join a cellular communications company in Southern California. He joined United Association Of Christian Chaplains and Counselors International (UACCCI) enabling him to earn his Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in 2006 from United Graduate College and Seminary (which was associated with UACCCI). He continued at UCGS and earned a Doctor of Divinity degree in 2008, at which time he established Mark Krom Ministries in 2008 in Moreno Valley, California. Mark Krom Ministries was established to share the love of Almighty God and the finished work of Jesus. Having a ministry as a non-profit business enables access and creditably in service industries, such as hospitals, to further accomplish the Heavenly Father's business on this earth.

Dr. Krom went on to earn a Doctor of Clinical Pastoral Psychology degree in 2011. Dr. Krom is a member of the International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc., and a Hospice Certified Chaplain & Bereavement Coordinator. Dr. Krom is married to Jean, and they have a daughter named Stephanie.

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