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Welcome to Mark Krom Ministries!

This ministry is focused on the message of Grace. The message of Grace is this: There is no condemnation for those that are in Christ. Why? Because Jesus took your condemnation and paid the price for all sin. It is when people who have accepted Jesus as their LORD, yet don't understand they are no longer condemned, that they go and sin more. When people understand there is no condemnation, because of what Jesus suffered on the cross, it empowers them to go and sin no more.

Mark Krom Ministries Mission Statement:

*Committed to Glorifying Our Heavenly Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ (The anointed one and His anointing), and the Holy Spirit.

*Committed to the Holy Scriptures as our final authority and standard in all matters.

*Committed to sharing the “Gospel of Grace” and unveiling the beauty of the New Covenant.

*Committed to sharing God’s will for mankind and helping people to walk in God’s best for their life.

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